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Kawanishi H8K Navy Type 2 Flying-Boat - Called the "Flying Porcupine" because she was armed with five 20mm cannons and four machine guns, plus she could carry two torpedoes and either eight 250 kilo bombs or sixteen 60 kilo bombs. This formidable opponent could also cruise at 334 kph (207 mph) for 4,500 nautical miles (8350 km). She had self-sealing fuel tanks and a fire extinguisher system. This plane was heading east from Palau to the Dublon Island Sea Plane Base with several high ranking Japanese officers on board. Mid-flight she was ambushed by American fighters, who shot her up, killing many of those on board, including the co-pilot, but she lost the Americans in the clouds and managed to limp back to Truk Lagoon. After crash landing she sank, but the rest of the crew was saved.

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